Putting Out (Camp)Fires: Divorce and Summer Camp

If freezing temperatures and forecasts for snow have you wishing for longer days and warmer weather, you may be looking ahead to summer.   And whether you’re divorcing or recently divorced, chances are you’ve given some thought to summer camp.  Summer camp for most New Jersey families is no longer a luxury, but a necessary child care alternative for working parents.  The New Jersey Child Support Guidelines contemplate a child’s basic needs: food, clothing and shelter, but what about the supplemental costs for raising a child? Fortunately, Appendix IX-A to [...]

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Arrested! Incarcerated!

You can almost hear the steel bars clang closed behind you when you read the words “arrested” and “incarcerated”. Although an arrest does not occur frequently in a divorce court, it is not a rare occurrence either. Incarceration is one tool the court has to force a litigant to do something he/she was previously ordered to do and has the ability to do, but has not done. It is the ultimate form of “arm twisting”. Most commonly this arises when one spouse was ordered to pay support and has [...]

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Removal is the label given to cases involving a parent’s request to move out of state with the child(ren). These are often gut-wrenching cases because if the parent seeking to remove the child from New Jersey is successful, the other parent’s relationship with the child will inevitably and unavoidably change dramatically. A move to another state (or perhaps a foreign country) will severely impact that parent child relationship.There is an enormous difference between seeing the child on weekends and during the week, attending soccer games and dance recitals, helping with [...]

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New Child Support Law

ON JANUARY 19, 2016 a new child support bill was signed into law. It becomes effective February 1, 2017. Many family lawyers have said that the new statute doesn’t make substantive changes to the law, it only shifts the burden of proof. I don’t share that view. Iregard the new act as a minefield that should be negotiated with extreme caution. Under the new law child support will end when a child reaches age nineteen, unless (1) a court order specifies otherwise or (2) the custodial parent successfully petitions [...]

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence has become an all too common phenomenon in American society.  In response to this burgeoning problem, New Jersey enacted the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act in 1991.  Since then it has been amended several times in an effort to better address the needs of victims for protection and the behavior of the perpetrators of the violence. Domestic violence is specifically defined in the statute and includes attempted murder, assault, harassment, stalking, kidnapping and terroristic threats.  There are other offenses that may also constitute domestic violence under the [...]

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