Sharing College Costs After a Divorce

One of the most difficult issues facing divorced parents is financing the college education of a child.  Since income which use to be available for one household must now support two, there is usually little opportunity to accumulate savings.  Psychological issues often intervene between parents and their maturing children and unresolved anger from the divorce resurfaces.  While it is nearly impossible to guarantee that both parents will contribute according to their financial ability, there are some strategies which will increase the likelihood that the child will receive financial help from [...]

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College Costs

The ever increasing cost of post high school education, whether college, vocational school or something else, isa serious concern for many parents today. It is an extraordinary cost that many divorcing parents of teenagers must give seriousconsideration. College costs include the more obvious expenses – tuition, room and board, books and required fees. Nowadays, however, the list of often included expenses also encompasses SAT/ACT review courses and registration fees, transportation to and from college several times per year, trips to visit colleges the student is considering applyingto and application fees. Sometimes [...]

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