Covid and the Courts

As you can imagine, the pandemic has impacted the Family Court as much as it has every other aspect of life. However, through the leadership of Chief Justice Rabner and Judge Grant, the Administrative Director of the Courts, the court system has been functioning reasonably well under the circumstances. Initially, judges and court staff were not permitted to be physically in the courthouse. Currently, no more than 25% of judges and staff are allowed in the courthouse at any given time. As a result, mail was not being processed promptly and efficiently. This led to the implemen-tation of a new online system [...]

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In-Home Social Distancing

We are all living with numerous added sources of stress these days. Some people have lost jobs. Some have health or life-threatening jobs. Children are home twenty-four hours a day. Home schooling still has several weeks to go. Hospitals are over extended. And, people are getting very sick. Some are dying. When these stressors are added to the emotional upheaval that inevitably comes with the deterioration of a marriage it can create the potential for disaster. Lost income can mean the inability to pay bills, which can trigger the loss of assets or, at least, the very real fear that assets could [...]

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Parenting Time in a Coronavirus World

We are living through a scary time. The pandemic has us confined to home for the most part. Covid-19 is a highly contagious, insidious disease that is often fatal. Although its impact is disproportionately felt in older and medically vulnerable populations, no segment of the world’s population is safe. Children, too, are at risk. We are encouraged – in fact, required - to distance ourselves from others to slow the spread of the disease and to “flatten the curve”. Health and safety are, as they always should be, our primary concerns. And so, how [...]

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