Parental Alienation

Parental alienation comes in all forms – from the most extreme cases of overt brainwashing, parental abduction and even false allegations of sexual abuse to more subtle forms that might not even be perceptible to the perpetrator.  It is, however, in all its forms, child abuse. Our children are born to two parents.  Under New Jersey law there is a presumption that children are entitled to the love, affection, and guidance of both parents.  Of course, if circumstances suggest that that is not in a child’s best interests, court [...]

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What happens when the higher earning spouse is suddenly laid off or becomes the victim of a corporate merger or is otherwise terminated for reasons beyond his or her control?  A family, which based its lifestyle on a certain level of income, can suddenly be thrust into turmoil. Mortgage and car payments, manageable before the job loss can become daunting obligations.  What about the child who is halfway through college at an expensive university?  Medical insurance, tutoring for a struggling high school student, or even basic necessities, in some [...]

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Taking Your Lawyer’s Advice

We all hire professional when we have problems. When we’re sick or injured we go to the doctor. We follow her instructions and take the medicine she prescribed because we want to get better. When our pipes are clogged, we hire a plumber who comes with tools most of us don’t have or know how to use. We listen to his advice. When our car isn’t running right and we hear a loud squeal coming from under the hood, we take it to a mechanic to be fixed. And [...]

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