Mandatory Court Conferences in Divorce Matters

It is quite possible that the only time you’ve ever stepped foot in a courthouse is for jury duty.  During the course of your divorce, however, you may have to appear in court several times before the hearing at which your divorce is finalized.    The below serves as a short primer on what you can expect during these appearances. Case Management Conference: This is a court conference scheduled soon after the parties have filed their divorce pleadings.  In many (although not all) cases, this will be the first time [...]

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Mediation And Arbitration

Often people confuse the concepts of mediation and arbitration.  Both fall under the general heading of Alternate Dispute Resolution or ADR.  ADR is a means by which to encourage and even facilitate a resolution of legal disputes outside the Court system.  For a variety of reasons, not the least of which are an increase in the number of cases and a decline in the number of court personnel resulting from budgeting constraints, case backlogs are increasing at an alarming rate.In an effort to move disputes through the system faster, our [...]

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