Taking Your Lawyer’s Advice

We all hire professional when we have problems. When we’re sick or injured we go to the doctor. We follow her instructions and take the medicine she prescribed because we want to get better. When our pipes are clogged, we hire a plumber who comes with tools most of us don’t have or know how to use. We listen to his advice. When our car isn’t running right and we hear a loud squeal coming from under the hood, we take it to a mechanic to be fixed. And [...]

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Selecting The Right Lawyer

IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING that it is important to select the right lawyer no matter the nature of your case or your legal concerns.  It is, however, doubly important to select the right lawyer for your divorce because of the extremely personal nature of the issues involved in the dissolution of your marriage and the need to set the right course for the future of your family. Many lawyers, by virtue of their education, experience and professional standing, are qualified to provide quality legal services.  Because of the personal [...]

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20 Years of Professionalism

ON APRIL 1, 1996 Bonnie Reiss, Patricia Apy, and I formed Paras, Apy & Reiss, a Professional Corporation for the Practice of Family Law. We founded our firm on three guiding principles. First, all divorces are unique and require an approach specifically tailored to their unique characteristics. Second, communication between lawyer and client is essential to achieving the client’s goals in a fair and reasonable manner. Third, there is no substitute for preparation. We are committed to knowing the case better than anyone else in the room, whether it’s [...]

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For most people going through a divorce, it is their first experience with the legal system and with a lawyer. So, what can you expect? Indeed, what should you expect?CANDORYou should expect to be candid with your lawyer. Your lawyer can only help you and protect your legal rights if you tell him everything. Holding back puts him at a disadvantage, which puts you at a disadvantage. The last place your lawyer wants to learn something about you is from your spouse’s lawyer.Conversely, you should expect candor from your lawyer. [...]

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