“Can I keep the house?” The answer varies from case to case. This seemingly simple question is actually a multifaceted one fraught with complicated facts- and emotions. Years ago a man literally divided the house in half by using a chainsaw to cut through the roof and the walls. That triumph of emotion over intellect is not the preferred way of answering the question. Generally, there are two main areas with many sub-parts to explore. First, does the income and asset picture allow you to buy your spouse’s interest? Second, assuming you can buy out your spouse, can you [...]

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To Have and to Hold? Engagement Rings and New Jersey Law

Let’s talk about engagement rings.  They come in all shapes and sizes. Round, oval, emerald, cushion, pear, princess, radiant. A half-carat.  A whole carat.  Even two or three or four carats. They may be white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, or platinum. However, no matter what they look like or how big they are, these rings are usually worn from the day of an engagement through every day thereafter.  A ring is a visible, constant reminder of a couple’s relationship.  Therefore, it is no surprise that when [...]

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A Ruff Decision

A recent survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association reveals that 68% of households in the United States own a pet.  It is very likely that the dogs, cats, and other animals residing in most of these 84.6 million homes are treated like treasured members of the family. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that when people get divorced, they may fight like cats and dogs over…well…their cats and dogs.  In fact, one of the most common questions we are asked during consultations is “what will happen to [...]

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Property FAQ’s

Q: What property is subject to division in a divorce? A: New Jersey law requires an equitable distribution of all assets, whether real or personal, acquired during the marriage. In other words, assets acquired between the date of the marriage and the date on which the complaint for divorce was filed are generally subject to division. Q: Are there exceptions? A: The statutory exceptions are gifts from third parties  (i.e., someone not your spouse) and inheritances. The legislature reasoned that dividing these assets would (1) bestow a windfall on the [...]

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