April Fool’s Day marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of Paras, Apy & Reiss, P.C. We remain committed to providing quality, professional representation to our family law clients. Each case is unique and our approach in each case in tailored to the unique characteristics of each family. A cookie
cutter approach will never do.

When Bonnie Reiss, Tricia Apy, and I got together twenty-five years ago we had a common purpose. We wanted to give the personal attention that our clients deserved, but was getting increasingly difficult to provide at the large firms where we practiced. Thus, our conclusion was that smaller was better – in effect, less is more. Our experienced staff, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning, is also committed to providing personal service and help us do just that every day.

Now, Michael Fleres has been added as a partner. Michael shares the firm philosophy which has always been based on three guiding principles. The first is, and always will be, that each case is unique. Second, communication between client and the attorney is essential to achieving a successful outcome. And third, there is no substitute for preparation. We are committed to knowing the case better than anyone in the room, whether it’s a conference room or a courtroom.

Over the last twenty-five years firm lawyers have received awards and accolades from numerous processional organizations. We have taught courses, written articles, and served on the boards of numerous professional organizations. But, the singular most rewarding aspect of our practice is doing a good job for our
clients. Making the inherently difficult and stressful process of divorce less difficult and stressful, explaining things to our clients to remove the mystery and
to soothe their fears of the unknown, and achieving results they can comfortably live with as they move to the next chapter in their lives is, to Paras, Apy & Reiss,
P.C., the real measure of success.